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Our Mission

Our mission is, simply stated, to deliver "General & Implant Dentistry at its Best ... for the Smart Consumer ... at a Whole Lot Less"!


There are three components to that mission: the state-of-the-art, or premium dentistry that we provide, the Smart Consumer who seeks it, and the value realized.  

Premium Dentistry:   Xray technology in the dental office has advanced to 3D images produced by CT scanning devices that not only provide a lot more information for diagnosis, treatment planning, and safer execution of surgical procedures, but deliver 3D images at much lower radiation exposure than conventional Computed Tomography.  So "state-of-the-art," or Premium Dentistry, is about achieving better dental results for the dollars invested. Premium Dentistry is about employing skill and technology to create cost-effective solutions at every level ... which, translated, means better dental care at lower fees.  

Smart ConsumerWith advanced skills and technology come more options for dealing with dental issues. Patients almost always have alternatives to choose among.  Historically, the typically better treatment options  (often referred to as "Cadillac care"), such as dental implant-supported restorations, have been financially out of reach for many patients.  Now, replacing a missing tooth with an implant and crown at a fee comparable to that of a 3 crown bridge changes the whole ball game! But the availability of more and better solutions underscores the importance of patients being well informed!  While it is mandatory to have confidence in your dentist and his or her recommendations, it pays to have a good grasp of your dental condition and care options as an astute consumer. So to that end, one facet of our approach to dentistry is to help educate our patients, not just chairside, but through our website and the internet. "Knowledge is power," and I want to empower our patients not just to fix problems in a cost-effective manner, but to intelligently preserve dental and oral function before it needs fixing!

Value:   The old adage  "you get what you pay for" has given way to the consumer search for  "exceptional value."  But value is a dead end when the sticker price is still too high.  Historically, the benefits of advancing technology have been not just to provide better solutions, or even better value, but to actually bring down the cost of a commodity or service.  For example,  the higher fees associated with implant treatment to replace a missing tooth arise in large part from the separate fees payable to the oral surgeon and the restorative dentist. But  combining the procedures under one practitioner makes room for reducing  costs that can be passed on to the patient. Combining procedures under one practitioner also offers advantages when it comes to quality control, i.e., no more "too many cooks in the kitchen."  I have developed skill sets and employed technologies that allow me to combine disciplines, resulting in better results at a lower cost.  And that's a winning formula for everyone. 



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