James Row DMD, PC
Serving Redmond Bend Prineville Madras

Our Fees


Our "everyday," or cash fees* are low ... typically in the lower half of the fee range charged by practices in the Redmond area ... without sacrificing anything in terms of quality of care

* Please note that patients using dental insurance to pay for their care will experience variations in fees  according to the fee schedule that we have accepted from their insurance company.

Why do we offer such low fees? Two words: opportunity and affordability. First, by providing you with an incentive to visit our practice, it gives us the opportunity to show you who we are, and the superb dentistry we provide ... at any fee.  Second, in this persistently tough economy, it improves our patients' opportunities for getting the care they need before dental issues escalate beyond the range of affordability, or even treatability.

How do we offer such low fees?  Well, the short answer is "because we can and we will."  Over the years, I have refined a business model that allows us to provide premium care at lower fees.  And because our profit margin is adequate for our needs and tastes, the lower fees allow me to stay busy doing dentistry, which, other than my family, is what I enjoy doing most.


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