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Your Implant Consultation

The Purpose of this discussion is to show you what to expect at your free dental implant consultation! If you are visiting our website for general dental care, please proceed to the tab entitled "Our Story" ...

Although our practice provides the full range of dental care, what I enjoy most is planning, placing, and restoring dental implants.  In addition to a personal interview to ascertain your dental concerns, a review of your medical history, and a focused extra/intra-oral exam, we typically take and review a 3D Dental CT scan (aka a CBCT scan).  By limiting the field to the oral and adjacent structures, a dramatic reduction in exposure  is achieved, comparable to conventional dental x-rays.  The 3 Dimensional imaging removes the "guess-timating" from treatment planning.  To see a demonstration of this technology, go to our "Smart Consumer' Internet Info" tab and select the "CBCT Implant Planning Demo" video - a great presentation that only takes 5 minutes!

Proper Treatment Planning is the most important phase of implant dentistry. When it comes to long term success, the best surgical technique cannot make up for poor treatment planning. Although a Dental CT scan is not necessary for every implant case, it has served as the cornerstone of my implant services for almost a decade.  The ability to evaluate the jawbone, adjacent teeth, important structures such as nerves and sinus - for shape, position, density, and pathology - and to employ software to virtually evaluate implant positions and restoration options is invaluable. Furthermore, facilitating a more cost-effective fabrication of surgical guides for precise implant placement is of great benefit to both you and me.

While many practices charge for their consultation (the fee for the CBCT scan alone is typically several hundred dollars), at no obligation to you, I will review my observations, including the 3D  images, with you, and thoroughly discuss the findings, treatment options, attending risks, and expected outcomes with you ... including possible auxillary treatments such as grafting procedures, or even what-to-do if implants are not a viable option.  And, of course, I will address any questions/concerns you may have both at the time of consultation and thereafter. Upon completion of the consultation, you will be provided with a treatment plan(s) detailing the option(s) of interest to you, complete with fees and any estimated insurance contributions. 

If dental implant treatment is a new topic for you, we are happy to help educate you.  If you are seeking a second opinion, we are glad to oblige - regardless of where you eventually seek treatment. Our treatment philosophy is to provide excellent technical care to well-informed patients who understand their dental condition, their treatment options, and are prepared to partner with us in achieving a great long term result.  Our business model has developed through my experience of operating several practices over almost two decades with the goal of providing Premium Care coupled with Affordable Fees to achieve Outstanding Value, as well as Results, in a comfortable, cordial environment.  

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