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We work really hard to educate our patients and to achieve optimal results for them, and we appreciate the kind words they have offered to us about our services. I have provided a number of those emails, letters, and notes that have so graciously been sent our way.   I would like to start with an email that I received the morning of September 8, 2012.  It's more than just a great testimonial ... it is a real motivation for showing up at the office everday: 

Dear Dr. Row & Kathy,

    I'm the wife of Donald Gourley, one of your patient's.  Don has had dentures for 10 plus years.  From the very beginning, he has had trouble with his dentures staying in place, falling out, and most of all, he would have to clean out his dentures 2-3 times during each meal.  It was to the point that Don had no desire to eat and/or cook.  He never wanted to eat out becaue of all these issues.  At this point in his life, he didn't look healthy either.  Don could only eat very soft foods.

    During the past ten years, he had been to 3 different denturists, purchasing a new set of dentures each time, thinking that this would solve his issues.  Finally, Don started seeing Dr. Rohrer in Prineville.  She had recommended that Don have a consultation with Dr. Row about implants. With her recommendation, we thought let's see what Dr. Row has to say about implants.  The appointment with Dr. Row changed Don's life.  From day one, Don felt this was what he needed to do with his dentures, and felt very confident with Dr. Row's abilities, and that he would do a fantastic job.  He was very professional, but yet very personable.  We made the decision to get the implants.

    What a difference the implants have made for Don.  He can now eat anything he wants to eat, including a steak.  The food doesn't get underneath his denture plates.  The implants have changed Don's LIFE.  He now wants to eat and he's starting to cook again, and he's finally gaining some well needed weight.  Don finally has his life back.  His dentures stay in place.  Seeing this happen first hand, this has changed my husband's life.  All of our friends have also noticed that he's a happy person again.

If you are having trouble with your dentures staying in place, and tired of all the denture glue and powders, that don't work; we would HIGHLY recommend getting implants by Dr. Row.  It is a Life Changing process.  You'll be glad you did.  We are!!!

Donald Gourley and Debra Kowalski, Prineville, OR


Dr. Row has been our family dentist for several years.  His office is great at providing fast appointments if needed, and Kathy is excellent with insurance procedures and questions.  I particularly appreciate Dr. Row's considerate treatment of my 101 year old mother when she visits him.  His special prices on carefully crafted crowns has been very helpful to our checkbook, and the implant I received has been great.  We receive all around excellent care at Dr. Row's office.  Jon and Marian Granby, Madras, OR

I have been a patient of Dr. James Row since he opened his office in Madras. I have always appreciated the professional, yet kind, manner in which I am treated from the time I walk in the office door.  His receptionist, Kathy, is most knowledgeable regarding insurance and billing procedures.  Dr. Row and his staff have always put me at ease, no matter what the procedure, and I know that should I ever need prompt attention, every attempt will be made to make time for me as soon as possible.  Ann Randle

As a retired dentist, I have appreciated the quality of care that Dr. Row has provided for my wife and myself.  His meticulous care is evident in all of his treatment, but outstanding in his preparation and seating  of crowns and bridges.  I am pleased to recommend him as an outstanding family dentist.  Owen T. Smith, D.M.D.

I would also like to comment on my treatment from Dr. Row and staff; as a patient, I was most pleased to receive outstanding treatment in their office.  I have had crown and bridge treatment, as well as cleaning, extraction, and fillings.  I must say that I am quite pleased with all of this treatment, and my crowns and bridge have been excellent.  The office personnel have been very efficient and friendly, which makes one feel welcome and at home in the office.  Elly Smith

I was having many teeth issues that didn't seem to get taken care of by a former dentist.  I went to Dr. Row and found him to be very concientious, a good listener, and explained very thoroughly what was needed to be done.  I had a broken and dead tooth in the front and needed first after the tooth was pulled, to have a bone graft and then when the graft was healed the work began to put in an implant.  This all took a long time, but Dr. Row was very caring and explained each and every step along the way.  I would highly recommend Dr. Row for caring, thorough, and gentle dental work.  Sheila Vertrees, Culver, Oregon

I am taking this opportunity to recommend Dr. Row as an excellent family dentist.  He was my dentist while I returned to Madras for 4 and a half years to care for my parents.  I had several appointments with Dr. Row during that time and always found him and his staff to be courteous, professional, caring and very knowledgeable.  Dr. Row did an implant for me although I was not able to have the crown finished in Madras.  A dentist in another state who I recently saw commented "your other dentist did a great job on the implant."  I was relieved to hear that all I need now is to get the crown done.  Nice work Doc, and here's wishing you the best in your new practice.  Mike Willhite

Dr. Row and the staff of the Madras Dental Group are knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and easy to work with.  They are knowledgeable about insurance requirements and filing claims, work well with you if you need emergency service on short notice or need to rearrange an appointment.  They are very knowledgeable about dental procedures from routine cleaning to finding and removing cavities to root canals and implant surgery.  I recently had a molar replaced through implant surgery and I have never been able to tell it from one of my normal teeth.  They are also human and when a rare error is made they have taken quick steps to repair it and make me, their customer, feel happy and confident in their motives by reducing costs or in one instance, in waiving the fees entirely for one procedure when the appointment had to be rescheduled because necessary equipment was not available.  Thanks to Dr. Row and all the staff of the Madras Dental Group.  Hank Ray Madras OR

My experience with Dr. Row has been nothing but positive.  He is the first dentist who has been able to completely deaden my mouth.  I believe he understands the nerve system of the face and mouth better than anyone I know.  He was also able to fix nearly perfectly, two front teeth that were broken at the gumline in an accident.  One of which required an implant.  He didn't run me all over central Oregon to see specialists.  He was able to do all the work here in Madras and they turned out wonderful.  I do believe he is the best.  Sylvia Cleaver Shepherd

The only reason I went to the dentist was because I had to! So, obviously, it's not my favorite thing to do. I found Dr Row's advertisement in the Bend Bulletin and was amazed at his prices. Since I do not have dental insurance, I had been checking costs at various dental offices in the area and found that they could not come close to his prices. I read the testimonials on his web site and was reassured of his abilities because everyone signed their name, with the name of the the town they live in. I would like to do the same to reassure someone else as I feel so lucky to have found Dr Row and his entire staff. Honestly and without ANY reservation, I would highly recommend Dr Row to everyone who wants a positive, painless, and professional experience. Sharon Eppink, Sisters, Oregon

As a new patient, I presently lack sufficient experience with Dr. Row to provide a reliable assessment of his practice; however, potential patients might find helpful the rationale that led me to begin what I hope will be a long-term relationship with him.  After the dentist I had been seeing retired, I made an appointment with a dentist whose office is in Bend's "high rent" district and who employs a considerable front office staff - - in short, an obviously high-overhead operation.  After the usual hygienist X-rays and cleaning, the dentist performed a fairly standard oral exam.  I then was shown into a small private office where a person who did not introduce herself or explain her role presented me with a treatment plan that priced out at several thousand dollars - - the dentist did not participate.  I was aware that some work likely would be needed but I had the sense that the plan might include excessive or unnecessary work and that the fees might be excessive.  Coincidentally, Dr. Row's ad in The Bulletin announcing his new location in Redmond appeared soon thereafter.  Having spent 25 years in high-tech manufacturing industries, I was familiar with the 3D imaging and CADCAM processes Dr. Row uses and, as the fee schedule he published appeared reasonable, I judged him to be a good source for a second opinion of the treatment plan provided me in Bend.  Although he did not criticize the other dentist, Dr. Row proposed a $200 alternative treatment plan that he believed likely would avoid the necessity of the extensive work originally proposed.  He also was very clear that a favorable outcome could not be assured but, in the unlikely event of unfavorable outcome, he would need to perform only a portion of the original plan and his fees for that portion would be considerably lower.  I elected to go with the alternative and, so far, the result is encouraging.  In the process, I grew to appreciate Dr. Row's candor and his disciplined approach to diagnosis and problem-solving.  As with all forms of applied science, dentistry involves a lot of detailed knowledge and complications in practice but is simple enough at the basic level for a dedicated professional to involve the patient in the decision process.  Dr. Row does that extraordinarily well.  Joe Linman

Dr. Row, Just a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the dental work you have performed for me.  As you may recall I came to your office for a second opinion.  It was not that I had dissatisfaction with the dentist that I have been using.  He did great work, however at this time it was going to involve extensive restructure of many teeth.  I am a senior citizen and I personally pay for all of my dental needs, so in my mind I was troubled with the direction I should go given the information I received.  I needed more facts, more options and a better understanding of the procedures and their consequences.  After a complete oral examination which included use of your new high tech equipment, 3D Imaging and Cadcam process (very impressive) you informed me of your findings and the options we had before us.  I felt comfortable with the decision we made.  The professional dental work you did turned out great, my mouth appreciates it and my wallet is happy.  Thank you for all your work.  Neville Sink  Redmond

Dr. Row, I just wanted to let you know the nine teeth you pulled are healing very nicely. I still cannot believe I had NO pain during or after the procedure. I thought for sure I would--even though you put stitches in. Also, thank you for explaining everything you did as the procedure went on; all the way from the novocaine to the extractions. My denture looks very natural and I'm so glad to get rid of my painful teeth. Thank you very much! Nancy McKee-Klaus Tigard, Oregon

We recommend you to everyone and are so grateful to Dr. Row for offering quality work at an incredibly fair price. Nicole Keepers, Redmond

I was looking for a new dentist, my teeth were in bad shape because of Sjogren's disease.  My son-in-law, Randy Barns found Dr. Row for me.  I found Dr. Row to be very reasonable  in his cost.  I decided to give him a try and I am so happy I did so.  I am so very pleased with him as my dentist.  He is a great dentist, very kind and does great work.  I will absolutely recommend him to my family and friends.  Wanda Proudfoot, Redmond

Thank you for being my dentist.  From the beginning you made me feel at ease.  You made it clear the person in the chair is very important to you.  Your work is as good as the best dentist I have ever gone to.  Your patient, Joseph Weissbeck, Terrebone

Since retiring and moving to Bend from Portland, my husband and I found ourselves with no dental insurance.  Fortuitous for us we were able to encounter Dr. Row's advertisement in the local paper.  We can't laud Dr. Row enough as he is extremely conscientious about keeping his prices scaled down and affordable for everyone.  His office and staff are extraordinary  due to their professional knowledge and warm welcome and demeanor.  Sincerely, Rod and Shirley Henderson, Bend



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